Volunteering Development Platform (VODPLA)

The Volunteering Development Platform (VODPLA) is a direct response to the requests, requirements and needs of the national Red Cross Societies in America. It is an initiative carried out by the Regional Unit of Volunteering and Youth Development and has been elaborated considering the results of the annual base line studies and the analysis of volunteering and youth in the Americas.

VODPLA has three main components:


1. Knowledge management. The platform provides National Society’ decision-makers and those responsible for Volunteering Development with tailored support such as guidelines, learning opportunities, training, practical tools, manuals, IFRC and National Society’ key documents such as volunteer policies and strategies, case studies, etc.

The aim is that the platform is a tool to enhance collaboration between National Societies to increase their development skills build their own capacity and create their own tools.

This is divided into three sub-areas:
(1) Resources about volunteering development and management,

(2) Volunteering Development Framework (VODFRA) for volunteering directors to understand how to implement the framework within their NSs,

(3) Analysis and Reports that provide update information about the status of volunteering across the region


2. An interactive Volunteering map of activities and projects will display the humanitarian initiatives, activities and projects carried out by volunteers in the region.

This will help demonstrate volunteer work according to current areas of focus, show the impact of volunteer work in communities and their actions.

This map will be completed and updated by volunteers from National Societies directly from anywhere in the region in real time.


3. Volunteering & projects. This section is composed of three sub-areas:

(1) Volunteering in Emergencies. Focused on the external public. The people who register with all their data will be able to offer services during an emergency event. Each volunteer manager of every NS will be able to manage the database online and generate and send notifications to all people registered – e.g. communicating that it is required people to help in distribution centers, inform the interested population about the emergency in the country, etc.

(2) Volunteering opportunities. The NS will be able to post open volunteering opportunities in their organizations and receive requests about it.

(3) Finance a project. The NS will be able to post projects that require financial resources. Possible donors can see the options and contact the NS to offer their support.

For more information:

Andrés Morales
Regional Coordinator of the
Volunteering and Youth Development Unit

Regional Office for America
International Federation of the Red Cross

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