Resources from National Societies


Resources from National Societies

In this area you will find documents and resources produced by National Societies.

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Austrian Red Cross

Refresher Training for Ambulance staff for contagious diseases (Refresher Training Contagious Disease)


Hand Hygiene (disinfection)


Put on and take off FFP3 respirator face mask


Put on PPE (Gloves, Apron, Goggles,…)


Take off PPE (Gloves, Apron, Goggles,…)

From the Spanish Red Cross, please find below resources developed for the members of the IFRC Volunteering Alliance directed to volunteers and volunteering managers/leads who are currently responding to Covid-19.

Training course. Coronavirus: basic knowledge and prevention measures [In Spanish (ES Pildora Formativa Coronavirus), English (EN Training Brief Coronavirus) and French (FR Formation Bref Coronavirus)]

  • Addressed to volunteers, staff and general population.
  • Open access, free.
  • Please note that information and links can be disseminated as widely as wished.

Training course. Coronavirus: basic knowledge and prevention measures for responders [In Spanish (ES Pildora Formativa Coronavirus EPIs), English (EN Training Brief Coronavirus PPE) and French (FR Formation Bref Coronavirus EPI)]

  • Addressed to volunteers, staff involved in response.
  • Open access, free.

Guide. COVID19: care and wellbeing of the volunteers [In Spanish (Covid-19 Cuidado y Bienestar del Voluntariado), English (EN Covid-19 Care and well-being of the volunteers), French (FR Covid-19 Protection et bien-être des volontaires) and Portuguese PT Covid-19 Cuidado e bem-estar do voluntariado]

  • Addressed to volunteering managers