Health Care in Danger


Health Care in Danger

With the current pandemics, and in just a few months, there is evidence of increasing specific patterns of violence against healthcare linked to the COVID-19 response: harassment, stigmatization and ostracization against healthcare professionals and patients, as well as direct attacks against quarantine and treatment centers due to community resistance. Health Care in Danger (HCID) is a multidisciplinary initiative of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement aimed at addressing the issue of violence against patients, health workers, facilities and vehicles, and ensuring safe access to and delivery of health care in armed conflict and other emergencies.

HCID supports the implementation of concrete, practical measures and operational responses at national and local levels to prevent violence and safeguard health care in armed conflict and other emergencies.

In this section you will find resources to existing validated ICRC documents that aim to reduce the  stigmatization of health workers.